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Super Full Training Pack Kalbelia

Original price was: 189,99€.Current price is: 149,99€.

Enjoy four Kalbelia Dance courses at an exceptional price!

By purchasing this online course you will receive access to the classes for two months. After the second month you will no longer be able to access the content.

Descendants of a magical lineage, yoga and black magic practitioners. The people who belong to the tribe of snake charmers.

Kalbelia is a vigorous and beautiful dance form, a cultural heritage of Rajasthan and Rajasthani women. Rooted in the greatest respect, and honoring my beloved teachers, in this pack, I will break down each one of the most characteristic movements of this gypsy tribe.

This pack features different types of classes and courses that will enable you to start improvising and creating your own Kalbelia choreography

This pack features my grounding technique, my most private and introspective moment: the conscient breathing. Take a moment to enjoy moving to the rhythm of your own breathing, feeling each movement and creating a 360º awareness around you. Tone up your pelvic floor, build strength and flexibility to level up your dance.


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