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Kalbelia Dance Choreography


In this intensive course we are going to work on specific Kalbelia dance steps to create a complete choreography.

The level of the course is intermediate; suggestion: to have completed the online classroom Kalbelia dance cycle. Aprox 90″ duration

This is a workshop inspired by the women of Rajasthan and their beautiful dance.

Following Elizabeth Medina’s methodology we are going to order content in such a way that we will work on technique, style and intention to create a very complete kalbelia dance choreography: introduction, floor work, turns, steps development, skirt work and a closing.

Buying this online course you will receive access to the video workshop during two months. Two months after buying the course, access will be revoked.

The intellectual property of this online course corresponds to Elizabeth Medina, the use of this workshop is exclusive and non-transferable.

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