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Kalbelia course desert vibes


In these 4 classes you will find dynamic exercises, concise explanations and guided improvisation with each of the examples presented.

We will work in depth on hips, hands and arms, shoulders and accents and of course new steps and spatial movements.

– Culture, history and context
– Pathways
– Floor work
– Scheduled improvisation
– Kalbelia technique
– Expression through movement

It is NOT necessary to have studied Kalbelia before (the level can be followed if you have already danced another dance before or are very interested in it) but it IS recommended to have done a previous Kalbelia dance cycle from my online classroom.

Classes are 1h aprox and you’ll have availability for 2 months.

Kalbelia course desert vibes: I am diving again in this amazing tribal and sisterhood dance with all of you!

This course is adapted to an open level (previous might be my kalbelia cycle), where we’ll work on technique and guided improvisation enjoying the charming songs and moves from this tribe! Desert vibes is a very complete course in which you can deepen, experiment and work to improve your Kalbelia dance technique with me, with my best tricks and personal teaching experience of more than 10 years.

Topic: hips don’t lie! (live Kalbelia dance)

learn: very colorful steps, arms exercises, mudras, spectacular turns and how to combine everything to be able to improvise and dance at your own pace 

Classes are in English and Spanish. But the most used language is our favorite: dance one ;)

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