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Flower Kavach


Do you want an elegant jewel reminiscent of the ancient treasures of India? Do not hesitate, this stylish Kavach is for you.

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Kavach means armor. In this type of jewelry it is understood that it is a magic container. Normally the “Kavach” opens at the sides and holds very special intimacies such as mantras, some precious stone or any jewelry you can imagine. A spiritual armor. This is a Kavach inspired by the ancient jewels of Rajasthan. With a very drawn framework towards the center that rests on a beautiful flower and from where some tassels inspired by the endings of the temples of South India are born. Delicate and Tribal at the same time.

Size 5cmts x 5cmts. Thickness 2cmts.

This Kavach cannot be opened. It is an old piece so it has had more lives. The silver alloy is between 80% and 92%.

Dimensions 5 × 5 cm

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