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Online Classroom

The classes take place in a relaxed but focused atmosphere. The contents are cumulative, they are repited at the same time as widened and improved along the class. Circular and diagonal formations, duets, quartets, guided improvisations; features that turn your training into a delicious experience.

Online Classroom

The classes are developed in a relaxed and focused environment, since the contents are cumulative and repeated during the shared hours while they are extended and perfected. Circular, diagonal, duets, quartets, guided improvisations… give color and warmth to the time invested in your own training.

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Medium Level. Duration 4h aprox.

Kalbelia course desert vibes


Kalbelia course desert vibes: I am diving again in this amazing tribal and sisterhood dance with all of you!

This course is adapted to an open level (previous might be my kalbelia cycle), where we’ll work on technique and guided improvisation enjoying the charming songs and moves from this tribe! Desert vibes is a very complete course in which you can deepen, experiment and work to improve your Kalbelia dance technique with me, with my best tricks and personal teaching experience of more than 10 years.

Topic: hips don’t lie! (live Kalbelia dance)

learn: very colorful steps, arms exercises, mudras, spectacular turns and how to combine everything to be able to improvise and dance at your own pace

Level is medium. Approximate duration is 4h.

IndOriental® Method


Practice and learn with me about the top exercises I use to delve deeper into my own style, Indian Fusion Dance: IndOriental® Method Online Program.

I have been specializing in the art of dancing for more than ten years now, as a dancer and as well as a dancing teacher of different dance forms, classical and folkloric Indian dances, such as Odissi and Kalbelia.

This language is an intrinsic part of my movement. That is why, working from a more holistic point of view, adding other dance forms, such as contemporary dance, belly dance and its fusions, I have developed a method which describes me as a dancer, and can help you to develop your own Indian Fusion Dance.

Intermediate Level. Aprox 90" duration

Kalbelia Dance Choreography


In this intensive course we are going to work on specific Kalbelia dance steps to create a complete choreography.

This is a workshop inspired by the women of Rajasthan and their beautiful dance. Following Elizabeth Medina’s methodology we are going to order content in such a way that we will work on technique, style and intention to create a very complete kalbelia dance choreography.

Intermediate Level. Aprox 90" duration

Apsaras Coreography


In this course you’ll learn a unique choreography inspired by the beautiful celestial dancers: the Apsaras. Technique + choreography.

1 class of 1h duration approx. Medium advanced level.

Indian Fusion Possibilities


This is a very specific course for “Indian fusion lovers”. In this course you’ll find so many different possibilities through Indian classical & folk dances inspirations to fuse movements and combos to find diverse ways to express your dance.

You’ll be able to make your own combinations after this practice, because it is not about choreography, it’s about feeling it & reorganizing it in your own way and body.

4 classes of 45min duration approx. Medium level.

IndOriental ® Dance


The IndOriental® dance is a safe bet if you draw attention to the ethnic, if you would like to beautify your dance or simply if you want to learn a new technique with ancient bases.

In these classes we will see the basics that will make you distill aromas of India in your fusion as we will work the method developed by Elizabeth Medina.

4 classes of 45 minutes of duration approx. Beginners level.

Conscious Breathing


The classes consist of a coherent and cohesive structure where the center of everything is the journey towards your own breath. For this we combine practices from different disciplines such as yoga, the hypopressive technique Pressure Fitness and Pranayama.

Adapted to new and perennial needs, the cycle emphasizes work from the inside out: mental and respiratory well-being, core and pelvic floor work, strengthening and elasticity of the whole body and calm and active listening.

4 classes of 45min duration approx. Initiation/Medium level.

Kalbelia dance cicles – The basis


These cycles are thought for those people who want to immerse themselves in a folkloric and tribal dance as the Kalbelia, having previous knowledge or not of any dance in general.

As a teacher, I try to contribute with my own experiences and studies to the way I have learned with native teachers the Kalbelia dance, being able to generate very personal explanations and adapted to us without losing the magic of the most gypsy India.

4 classes of 60". Open Level

Customized Dance Classes


Are you looking for professional training?  This CUSTOMIZED ONLINE CLASSES pack is what you are looking for.

You can choose the date and time (checking my availability), your 4 classes pack will be available for three months from the day of purchase.

Delve deeper into your practice with me and enjoy the 100% guaranteed results.


Approaching work from humility and showing consideration for the person who has shown you the way is the way to approach real knowledge of truth. Never treat others as you do not want to be treated. Be considerate, the universe always provides.


Commitment from the detachment of the ego.
The commitment that goes beyond the self, but is manifested through the values that represent a way of living (lineage). Therefore the surrender that generates confidence and the own election made with criterion and love.

Will power has the ability to make you aware of your whole self. Discipline being determined helps you to "control" your own thoughts and the way you have to behave.
Determination in your practice.


Passion is an emotion that makes you light the fire within you and moves the engine that directs you in the right direction: that of your heart. The admiration and enthusiasm for what you do is what ignites that inner fire that makes you reach out, repeat, improve and strive even harder to achieve your dreams/objectives.


Patience is the most powerful silent weapon that human beings possess. It is a value that I have recognized in me during the last years of my practice in Odissi dance. Patience denotes maturity, knowing how to wait is essential and yet not stop trying. The food that is simmered is the one that is most tasty and contains the most nutrients. Everything comes at the right time.


Love what you do and it will love you twice as much. Love as the source from which all other values emanate: patience, passion, commitment and respect. Love as admiration, affection, care and protection. Everything always starts with you, and is completely related to who you are and who you want to be, how you share yourself with the world and how much love you have for it. When your acts as a living being are offered with love, life gives them back to you with love and intelligence. Devotion. The art of loving with faith and trust. I have rediscovered love and loving through devotion, and devotion through dance and beauty. Translated with (free version)


Repetition as a mantra to perfect every movement. Through the art of repetition and rhythm, we achieve the possibility of stopping the mind and actually functioning in the flow of the movement. Using the recurrence of movement to refine our abilities and to be able to touch with the hand of the heart the filigrees of stillness.


Trusting with commitment and detachment in something that is bigger than oneself "ART IS GREATER THAN THE ARTIST"


Sorority refers to the support, coexistence and solidarity among women. Fraternity before competitiveness. Appreciating the work and effort of others with respect, reflects directly on the soul. Brotherhood as a value is also a way to face challenges, have help and support in a more comprehensive and intimate way in relation to women, thus creating the empowerment of the female gender in today's society.

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You will be able to access the courses during 2 months.


Enjoy the online courses from any device.


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Her opinions …

Colleena Shakti

Elizabeth is a bright light with a passionate presence, which illuminates the classroom with joy! As a student, she is sincere and curious in her pursuit of art, and persistent in the work she does. I have had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth for many years as a student of mine, and have seen her progress in dance technique and body control with significant advancement. Aside from being a wonderful dancer, the qualities that emerge from her dancing are her level of personal commitment and her innate generosity. She has always been one of the greatest supports in the classroom and a positive force in our school. These qualities undoubtedly make her a generous and encouraging teacher who transmits her dance with love. Watching her dance, it is impossible for your heart not to melt and a big smile to be drawn on your face.

Her opinions …

Alicia López

If you are thinking of taking classes with her… go ahead and do it. Elizabeth is not only a great professional (trained and honest) but she is also a very good teacher. She knows how to adapt the classes to the needs of the students, and through clear explanations the class is sequenced so that no one is left behind. I like them because they always give material that you can incorporate into your dance from the first minute. If you add to this her closeness, creativity and sense of humor, I think it’s the perfect combination to learn in a safe environment of support and sorority. 100% recommended!

Her opinions …

Meije Fusion Bellydance

I met Elizabeth at our festival in 2018: Hanangona Fest. As an organizer, each exchange with her was very effective and finally, when we met her in person, she was very nice!

I took some classes with her on IndOriental® and the topic of conscious breathing. Each time I felt a lot of kindness and happiness from her in her classes and I also enjoyed how she cares about her students. She also sends me personal comments every time I have questions or request a correction. She knows very well what she teaches, and it is not just some knowledge, it is part of her, things she learned from the great dancers and incorporated into her own practice.

As a person I am very inspired by her sweetness, kindness, honesty and she has an aura of brilliance about her.

Her opinions …

Leli Neeraja

Elizabeth is an amazing dancer, artist, human being and of course, friend! She is very prepared, curious and passionate. I like that she never stops studying, informing, researching and is always open to new collaborations and adventures.

I love the joy of their dancing and their way of communicating. I feel very lucky to have her as a dear friend and to share together our great passion: DANCE!

Her opinions …

Jane Kaju

It has been a pleasure to work with Elizabeth! Not only is she a friendly person, but she is also hardworking and very dedicated to her work. Elizabeth not only focuses on teaching movements, but also on the history behind them – the people at our festival were mesmerized by her unique style!

Her opinions …

Elena Carmona

Working with Elizabeth Medina is always a pleasure. She is an artist who stands out for her closeness, professionalism and good taste. She makes it very easy to organize courses with her, always with a smile and open to collaboration. As a teacher she makes the difficult seem simple thanks to her studies in dance pedagogy and the good atmosphere she creates in the classroom. And as a dancer she fills the stage with her magic and elegance. She is an intelligent, kind and very open person; and for me a great friend.

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