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IndOriental ® Dance


Cycle of 4 classes of IndOriental@ Dance of about 45 minutes long.
Medium level.

IndOriental@ Dance is a safe bet if you are attracted by ethnicity, if you would like to embellish your dance or simply if you want to learn a new technique with ancestral bases.

In these classes we will see the basics that will make you distill aromas of India in your fusion as we will work the method developed by Elizabeth Medina.

In this dance cycle you will find a very developed and wide base of what for me are “essential basics” like mudras (hand work), padas (foot work), principle of opposition and bramharis (turns) as well as a choreographic sequence of our own where we gather in an artistic way all the learned contents. In the classes we develop theoretical/practical contents and the level is adapted to your needs since you can repeat each explanation/movement as many times as you need! Suitable for both experienced dancers and for beginners!

Buying this online course you will receive access to the 4 classes during two months.

The intellectual property of this online course corresponds to Elizabeth Medina, the use of this workshop is exclusive and non-transferable.

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