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Apsaras Coreography


In this course you’ll learn a unique choreography inspired by the beautiful celestial dancers: the Apsaras. Technique + choreography.

The level of the course is intermediate; Suggestion: to have completed the online classroom IndOriental® dance cycle. Aprox 90″ duration


The Apsaras are the so-called “celestial dancers” according to the Indian mythology.

This is a choreography based on them and the imaginary built around their beautiful movements, significant gestures and their connection with the god of dance: Shiva. The meaning of movement + the technique inspired by classical and folkloric Indian dances to create a piece that you will take with you forever.

In addition to the technical part, we are going to work on the imaginary around the movement to give meaning to your dance from an IndOriental® dance point of view.

Buying this online course you will receive access to the video workshop during two months. Two months after buying the course, access will be revoked.

The intellectual property of this online course corresponds to Elizabeth Medina, the use of this workshop is exclusive and non-transferable.

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