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Benefits of practicing low-pressure exercises

In this post, I want to tell about the benefits of practicing low-pressure exercises, and the reason I combine them with other disciplines, such as yoga and pranayama, in my CONSCIOUS BREATHING classes.  

There are two elements about the low-pressure training (if I may narrow down the matter) which are of extreme importance:the diaphragm and the pelvic floor. 

On the one hand, the breathing is considered the common thread of the practice; therefore, it affects directly the, considered by many as the “muscle of the soul”, the diaphragm. 

Have you ever asked yourself to which extent is the diaphragm involved in your emotions?

The diaphragm could be seen as a tiny box where our emotions are stored. When it blocks, it retracts slightly and descends pressing the entrails and the underlying organs.   

Apart from the mainly physical blocking reaction, we must not forget that this can affect our feelings, our mood, our desire to carry out everyday activities or even disrupt our sleep. 

That´s why in my COSCIOUS BREATHING classes, one of the benefits of the low-pressure exercises is the fact that we focus effusively on the apnea and the diaphragm, in order to avoid impacting negatively on our breathing and diaphragm

Breathing is an involuntary action, that´s why it is very important to take a moment in your everyday life to involve and focus your consciousness on your breathing

breathing techniques regular training regulates our wellbeing emotionally and mentally.  

On the other hand, did you know that the pelvic floor muscles, apart from holding the organs inside the pelvis, are also closely related to the breathing?

For instance, have you ever felt that when coughing or sneezing, you push your pelvic floor? Or even, that you relieve your bladder slightly?

Low-pressure exercises are a good way of training the deep abdominal muscles. Sometimes, toning these spine-supporting muscles correctly (from the inside out) can be challenging. They also decrease daily and gravitational pressure by elevating the pelvic floor while training.

What can I offer you regarding the benefits of practicing low-pressure exercises or trainning?

CONSCIOUS BREATHING classes: The journey of your own breathing.

In my classes we strengthen, tone and take care of our pelvic floor using different disciplines combined, such as yoga, low-pressure exercises and pranayama.

“I started a totally different low-pressure training (due to my personal experience) focused on the center of gravity and conscious breathing: much more respectful, responsible, low impact and balanced, treating my body with love towards a new and demanding training.

The outcome sprang up as I am respectfully and lovingly sharing it with all of you in the shape of CONSCIOUS BREATHING: The journey of your own breathing through mind and body”

Would you like to try the benefits of practicing low pressures exercises / training? There are several options.

MY ONLINE CLASSROOM . Train at your own pace with specific exercises and very well explained and recorded techniques.

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Thank you for reading my posts, and remember… inhale and regenerate – exhale and relax.


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