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Teaching Indian Fusion Abroad

The aim of this post is to tell you about my experience after traveling around the world for more than ten years, teaching masterclasses, displaying my dance at festivals, retreats and sharing the impressions of my moving body: Teaching Indian Fusion Abroad

Which are my teaching goals?

And India-wise?  

I’m going to tell you about the benefits of hiring me, plus all the fun we are going to have!!

The Indian dance field is full of unexplored styles. In my particular case, I’m offering an interesting blend among Oriental Dance, Classical Indian Odissi Dance based dance movements that inspire and shape my dance form, Kalbelia folk dance and certainly, my contemporary dance background.


My classes are a combination of my expertise as a dancer, plus my contemporary dance pedagogy studies, at the Advanced Conservatory of Alicante. 

My proposal involves an approach to the genuine world

The starting point is your very self, the intention within you, and of course a very precisely defined technique dictating the movement together with taking care of the aesthetics of the Indian dance and its fusions. 

The classes provide a fun and stimulating atmosphere. It is a multifaceted setting, where we play with time, movement research team work, create group shapes and figures. We open and close the experience in line with the Indian traditions. 

My teaching and India-lover goals are:

  • Transcend borders of movement and clichés. 
  • Encourage shape creating athwart meaning.
  • Bring the culture closer in the classroom, in order to create an actual context and a successful understanding.          
  • Reenact the aesthetics that make a dance look “Indian”.
  • Generate a new gesture vocabulary for your personal use.
  • Breathe our movement.

Teaching Indian Fusion Abroad

IndOriental® dance wks at TribalKZ 2023

The goal is no other than making the dancers have a great experience in the classroom, take home a whole bunch of new codes and gestures, and a feeling of having visited India with no need to actually travel there.

I am available and willing to create Performance projects, click here to see my work from the TribalKZ 23, Olga Meos’ festival.

Ultimately, I can’t wait to share my experience and my dance with you. Contact me here:


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