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The center of gravity and the conscious breathing


In this post I want to explain you how important is our center of gravity and the conscious breathing, that’s why I am going to share my personal experience.


Not so long ago, I have been struggling with an intern Psoas muscle injury. If I walked for more than 10 minutes, I would start limping slightly. Can you imagine? A dancer who limps after a 10 minutes walk?

I had that same question, while attending endless and painful physiotherapy sessions.

So, what´s the matter? It was so frustrating and painful. Then came the consequences: my body was changing; my spirit and my dance were also changing.

There was a huge number of movements I couldn´t do anymore, impossible postures I used to do easily, unfinished trainings, major headaches and more pain. 

One day, I heard my physiotherapist talking about low-pressure fitness, and just like that, it came to me: maybe this is the solution to all my troubles! A CONNECTED, TONIFIED, RELIABLE AND TAKEN CARE OF CENTER OF GRAVITY

I did some research and learned that practicing low-pressure fitness could release my muscles from the weight and pressure they endured to support my unconnected center of gravity.

It has always been there. I have been trying to balance it out, with the passage of time, my youth (obviously I´m not going to be young forever) and the passion I feel for my job. However, as time passed, it seemed like not addressing the actual problem was taking its toll.

Next step: studying! 

After a thorough searching, I found a perfect and suitable training: Low Pressure Fitness. I attended several weekend intensive classes and witnessed that a solid and constant practice was actually helping me to strengthen and connect my core.   


So… After a few highly intense months and a lot of training, my Psoas never complained again. Good! But… there was a “but”.

I started feeling sad, stressed, in a bad mood, lost… normal feelings all of them, but all of a sudden and deeply rooted within me.

My teacher and friend Colleena Shakti contacted me and spoke to me with love and wisdom. She told me about a dream she had. I appeared in her dream in a very particular way, and there was something she had to tell me about my mood and my breathing.

I was like, what? True story.


And once again the magic.


We had a very interesting conversation about the diaphragm and low-pressure training. The origin, the development, and once again, the way western culture omitted part of their name, which led to lack of identity of their true essence.   

From that very moment, I started a totally different low-pressure practice, focusing on the respect, awareness, non-impact and praising my body for doing a tough brand new work.   

The result is something I would like to share with all of you with love and respect:

CONSCIOUS BREATHING: the journey of your breathing.


Life is a journey itself, and breathing is a life-boosting engine.   

If we want a coherent, conscious, respectful and healthy life, why don’t we breathe together? 




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