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Indian Fusion dance Tricks

If you happen to reach my blog by chance, or you somewhat follow my steps, thank you for reading this! I also feel enthralled by India, and all the inspiration that emanates from her. That is why this post intends to show some specific movements to help you make a difference in your fusion. Welcome to Indian Fusion Dance Tricks.

By the way, this is the second part of a content block containing three related posts! Take a look at the previous one and the next one so you can have all the information! 

Indian Fusion Dance Tricks

The Principle of opposites: In the following video, you can see that we start moving the neck from side to side, and a few beats later, the torso starts the same movement, sliding from side to side. However, there is an ESSENTIAL characteristic: the torso and the neck move in opposite directions. Watch carefully:   

How can we perform this movement?

You can find some useful suggestions for Indian Fusion dance tricks here:

  • If you find the neck movement difficult, place your thumbs on your shoulders and try to touch the back part of your ear with your index finger. This will help you find the way to move your neck through the sense of touch. 
  • Add the torso movement afterwards, or start it in the first place, it’s easier to start with one of them than both of them at the same time.
  • Perform a linear movement, going from point A to point B smoothly and without impact.
  • Make the side-to-side movement endless, draw an imaginary line and keep following it with your movement. 
  • Smile while practicing or performing on stage! Otherwise, it can look quite scary!

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Thanks and happy dancing!


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