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Movement uncovering tips

This blog contains a lot of personal insight, since it is exactly where “the tips” I’m taking about are rooted: movement uncovering tips.

Dance is always subject to music. Well, not always, but almost always. Especially based on the dance style you practice. In my particular case, the classical Indian Dance, dance is not just subject to music, they are absolutely connected.

On my last trip to Mexico (oh yes, Mexico!) I wanted to make to most of the beautiful places I visited, surrounded by green and blue tones I’ve never seen before, to make a nice video. I felt inspired by the Nature in every single step, in a very special way.   

Finally, I managed to make my wish come true in two magical places, a natural well and a beach. After getting ready and involving my boyfriend to make a few recordings and setting my phone stabilizer, I realized I couldn’t play music, I was using my phone for the recording. So, I just started to dance.

You see, when I have a photo or a video session, I find it hard to choose the right music which inspires me, but doesn’t condition me. The thing is, that I always connect movement to the music, as I said at the beginning. 


I have to say that I found a somewhat more inherent, natural, pleasant and connected movement. I don’t know if reading this makes sense, but I promise that for me it makes a lot of sense. 

And that’s why I want to give some movement uncovering tips, which I hope can help. 

Movement uncovering tips

  1. An obvious one: no music. Let yourself be inspired by the silence. Listen to the rhythm of your breathing, feel your blood pumping through your body, your eye blink pace, just feel. 
  2. Use a strong exhale, an intermittent inhale or create a whooshing exhale. These onomatopoeic sounds will become part of your body language resulting in a reaction, they even may become something else.
  3. Once you integrate these elements, try to find different qualities of movement – circular movements, faster, intermittent, make use of familiar sensations and make the best of them. 
  4. In case you can, do it all without a mirror. And the most important thing, ENJOY YOURSELF.

Thank you for reading this, if you want to study with me, click here.


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