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Study Indian Fusion Dance Online

Why study Indian Fusion Dance Online? I’ll give you some reasons from my personal experience:

We all know that life is all about changes and constant rearrangements of time and space. Due to my profession, I also experience this. This makes it more difficult to meet in person, so we need to find special solutions in order to practice together.

¿Why study Indian Fusion Dance Online with me then?

  • Because together we can became closer
  • You can always press pause to my videos and repeat as much as you need
  • Because distance should only be physical, not spiritual
  • Because we all need freedom of choice to organize our time and focus in what we need
  • This is a self-paced training supervised by me
  • Because there are no more barriers, we are connected
  • Because your time belongs to YOU

¡¡I am finally teaching Indian fusion dance, Kalbelia dance and Conscious Breathing online!!

Wanna study with me?

The struggling times our world is facing are teaching us innumerable lessons. One of them is that doing things we love is an actual need. This touched me deeply, so I decided to answer all the love-bursting messages I received asking for online courses and classes.

¿It is possible to teach/learn online? YES. 

Each one of the training cycles I’ve designed was created carefully with love in order to offer you the most precise tools for a successful practice and an integrated assimilation of the contents.

Hard times and unexpected problems make us live the present, feeling special awareness about the reality we live in. India and its people also thought me about this, since they tend to have a creative response for bizarre situations.

¿Do you want to join us on this journey?


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