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Indian Fusion dance retreat Sicily

Welcome to our experience for next summer: Indian fusion dance retreat Sicily!!! By Leli Neeraja and myself.

This news drives me crazy!! And the fact is that my partner in adventures Leli Neeraja and I want to be able to work with you in a deep, consistent, holistic and fun way in a retreat that is going to be very special: Indian fusion dance retreat Sicily. 

When? From July 17th to 24th

Where? In a villa on the wonderful island of Sicily, very close to Palermo.

Why? Because we have the need to get together and share with a group of powerful women.

For how many people? It will be an exclusive retreat, only for 11 participants.

Welcome to the most expected Indian fusion dance experience: a retreat in the beautiful island of Sicily.

“Empowering women by restorative motion through arts”

– we have a big SURPRISE! Read to the end to find out what or who it is 😉

Let me introduce you our goals for this experience:

  • Dance Lab
    Working between techniques & more structured movements (Indian classical method and pathways) but also exploring ourselves through movements, emotions and group dynamics. Researching as a way of work in progress.
  • Yoga & conscious breathing
    Ancient Indian system of body & mind connection: starting our beautiful days with the self awareness, grounded on the amazing island of Sicily.
  • Gathering boutique
    This retreat is built as a self to self connections, this is why there are only 11 spots available looking for a special women who wants carrie their unique contribution.
  • Nourishing meals
    By the Mediterranean sea touched by our beloved and inspiring India, the menu will comprehend tasty and healthy food, vegetarian, flavored and balanced diet perfect for your practice.
  • Sharing emotions
    This journey will end up co-creating a special composition guided not only by technique but also by our feelings. A final Hafla will close up our week together, where you could dance yourself out.
  • Inspired by nature
    The historical land of Sicily, will host our journey on an amazing residence by the crystalline sea. A calm and relaxing place, immerse in the green, bathed in the sweet perfume of this beautiful island.
  • Blossoming together
    Sharing experiences as a transformative way of exchanging the skin, habits, ways of thinking or being. The sisterhood as a container of devotional love.
  • Healthful experience
    “When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”
    ― Patanjali

OF COURSE THE INDIAN FUSION DANCE TECHNIQUE AND A FINAL CHOREOGRAPHY IS OUR GOAL AS A TEACHERS AS WELL – VIDEO DANCE WORKSHOP STYLE. (here you have an example of the video dance workshop experience, this is not que choreo that we’ll work on)



8,30h – 9,40h Yoga 

Breakfast break

10,30h – 11,30h Dance techniques

11,30h – 12,15h choreography 

13h lunch 

15,30h – 17h lab class 

Free time



8,30h – 9,40h Yoga

Breakfast break

10,30h – 11,30h Dance techniques

11,30h – 12,15h choreography 

13h lunch 

Free time 

Lab Class: Meeting on the nature 

19,30h – 21h 


** FRIDAY – (plus Guest teacher LAMIA BARBARA)

8,30h – 9,40h Yoga 

Breakfast break

10,30h – 12,15h Dance techniques & lab class choreography review 

13h Lunch 

Guest teacher!!!!  

15,30h – 17,30h Lamia Barbara

“Indian Classical dance show by Leli Neeraja & Elizabeth Medina”

Dinner together 


** Saturday Morning: VIDEO DANCE EXPERIENCE 

We’ll go to a beautiful place to record the amazing choreography we’ve being working on. 

Saturday Evening: 

Hafla dance party together!!!


I sincerely hope that this proposal touches you deeply, because we are preparing the material with great care and affection. We are aware that we have been very disconnected at a face to face human level for a long season, and that this is why we want to create, in addition to an experience, a bond of sisterhood where we can feel comfortable and be ourselves.

The price of the experience includes the stay in the villa (shared double room), breakfast and lunch every day (except the day of arrival and lunch on the day of departure, both Sundays), all classes (including that of the guest teacher LAMIA BARBARA), the performances and the final video as a dance project.


To obtain complete information on the investment and also to be able to sign up, please follow this link

And if you want to practice with me and lay a firm foundation before we meet in person at the Sicilian Indian fusion dance retreat, don’t hesitate to train in my online classroom.

Thanks for your time! Hope to see you on the dance floor!


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