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Drishti Indian fusion dance

In my upcoming blog posts, I would like to share some exercises oriented to creating a meaningful dance or a graceful fusion, consistent and with a special Indian touch. Welcome to this month tricks: Drishti Indian fusion dance.

Drishti Indian fusion dance: THE MEANING IN INDIA

The importance of the look, and how to use it in some specific moments of your performance.

The way you look (the gaze), which is related to how you arch your brows, the movement of your forehead, whether you blink, open or close your eyes slightly, creates en expression together with the gesture of your body, and tells about the way you feel, shows different moods, such as rage, fear, love, graciousness, negation, whatever your body and mind are able to express.

That is why I would like to give you some basic tips on how to train your gaze, in order to make it part of your dance. 

Drishti Indian fusion dance, let’s get to work! In the video, you can see an example of different eye movements; however, here are some advices:

  • Make sure to raise your gaze slightly to avoid your eyelids covering your movement.
  • Draw a straight line from one side to the other, to make it look consistent.
  • Inhale and exhale at least two times from one side to the other, it helps to keep the face relaxed.
  • Smile! We tend to clench our jaw when we are concentrated, and we need it to learn how to work differently. 

For this practice and MANY OTHER INDIAN DANCE FUSION TRICKS, you can study online with me here

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Thank you for reading, I hope this is helpful.




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