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Amparo Tórtola Valencia & Ruben Darío

Amparo Tórtola Valencia & Ruben Darío are both a great inspiration for me on my new dance, music and video project “La bailarina de los pies desnudos”. There we go:

Iba, en un paso rítmico y felino

a avances dulces, ágiles o rudos,

con algo de animal y de divino

la bailarina de los pies desnudos.

Su falda era la falda de las rosas,

en sus pechos había dos escudos…

Constelada de casos y de cosas…

La bailarina de los pies desnudos.

Bajaban mil deleites de los senos

hacia la perla hundida del ombligo,

e iniciaban propósitos obscenos

azúcares de fresa y miel de higo.

A un lado de la silla gestatoria

estaban mis bufones y mis mudos…

¡Y era toda Selene y Anactoria

la bailarina de los pies desnudos!

Rubén Darío

“La bailarina de los pies desnudos” is a poetry that accompanies me the 17 years of my professional career (my mother!!) that fortunately I have been dedicating to my great passion: DANCE.

Since those first performances in which I was not very clear about how much to smile, where to step, what look to cast… she has been a faithful comadre who has changed her skin with me, transforming herself in the course of time and in every performance, but always being part of my deepest and most varied “ME”.

So when the idea of composing a piece for me, so that I could dance it, settled in my head and then in my heart (or was it the other way around?) there was no other possible choice: the barefoot dancer would be a faithful partner once again.

Amparo Tórtola Valencia & Ruben Darío:

It is said that Rubén Darío composed this work when he saw Carmen Tórtola Valencia dancing and falling in love, – June 18, 1882 to February 13, 1955 – , a Spanish lover of dance and travel, specialized in oriental dances and who explored from Africa to India in those times so complicated for women and their freedoms.

Thank you for the inspiration, love and adventure. I feel lucky to enjoy an artistic legacy that is the fruit of admiration and courage.

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“Porque eres la libertad misma vives en el espacio

Bailarina del aire, bailarina de los pies desnudos

Capitana de insulsas extrañas,

Para encender de colores la flor de un país de mujeres

Te llevo conmigo a donde muere el día

Y te suelto en la noche cuando ya estoy perdida

Te lamento mil veces cuando arrastro mi herida

Y te dejo con tus velos a encender tu sonrisa”.

Extracto del espectáculo a la “bailarina de los pies desnudos”

Por Nues, Allende García y Elizabeth Medina


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