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Tribal Dance Skirt Maharani


One of our essentials: the Maharani skirts will make you feel that you are part of India’s History. Radiant filigrees, vivid colors and its flight, it’s a dream come true to dance with!


The Tribal Dance Skirt Maharani is a safe bet.

Its name is inspired by the powerful women from Rajasthan, their beautiful colorful costumes: with filigrees everywhere, abundantly decorated with details and with a breathtaking flight. 

We really love this piece of art, it has been featured in our shop for a while and it never disappoints. Check out the details:

Available in different colors.

The displayed color combinations are available: there is a background color and the edging ribbon. Please keep in mind that these skirts are limited edition. What you see is all there is.


The Tribal Dance Maharani Skirts are swirling skirts with a 20 to 23 meters circumference. They are made of chiffon accented with sparkly glitter filigrees. The length is 92cm approximately. This skirts are featured with a background colour combined with an edging ribbon. The single layer design makes them very light and gives them a wonderful swirl, which looks perfect in daylight and absolutely mesmerizing on stage.

This skirts come in one-size, with an adjustable waist, which can be folded once or twice for your desired length. There is a limited availability in each colour.

Clothes care-recommendations.

Special attention before washing! We recommend using hair spray or a similar fixing spray over the skirt and letting dry for an entire day, in order to preserve the glitter.

Handwash the Maharani Tribal Dance Skirt carefully in cold water with soap. It can be rubbed carefully; but it would be more recommendable to leave it soaked for a while. As all skirts are dyed naturally, to avoid any color run, wash each item separately. 

Made in India with love.

Thank you for your support.

Weight 2 kg

Black and green, Blue, Blue and fuchsia, Bordeaux, Bordeaux and blue, Celeste, Cherry and blue, Cherry and Mustard, Dark and light blue, Fuchsia and Bordeaux, Fuchsia and navy blue, Gold and red, Golden, Green, Green and Fuchsia, Green and red, Light and dark green, Orange and blue, Pink, Pink and burgundy, Red, Red and blue, Turquoise and burgundy, Turquoise and purple, Yellow

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