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IndOriental® Method Online Program

Practice and learn with me about the top exercises I use to delve deeper into my own style, Indian Fusion Dance: IndOriental® Method Online Program.

I have been specializing in the art of dancing for more than ten years now, as a dancer and as well as a dancing teacher of different dance forms, classical and folkloric Indian dances, such as Odissi and Kalbelia.

This language is an intrinsic part of my movement. That is why, working from a more holistic point of view, adding other dance forms, such as contemporary dance, belly dance and its fusions, I have developed a method which describes me as a dancer, and can help you to develop your own Indian Fusion Dance.   

Course goals:

  • Integrating the aesthetics of the Indian Fusion Dance in your own movement. 
  • Developing a holistic and integrating training for your own practice.
  • Supporting the experience with other disciplines besides dance, such as yoga, conscious breathing and low pressure exercises.
  • Creating a figurative performance.
  • The Method deals with the elements we need to build the Indian Fusion aesthetics, to name some, costume, make-up or adornments, for an accurate representation.  

IndOriental® Method Online Program

Train with me, and I will teach you my own movement patterns to help you create an integrated and meaningful Indian aesthetics. 

Make sure you get to know the dynamics, directions and energies of Indian dance and aesthetics. 

With a 360 degrees vision of the matter: we will deal with rhythm and pace, Yoga, principle of opposites, “mudras”, “hastas” and “Abhinaya”.

In each class you will find a warm up and a specific training, including belly dance movements and a development of my own language contents. 

Additionally, we will focus on choreographing in order to develop a story containing all the goals of my method.  

Do you want to learn more about me? You can find my bio here.

Still have doubts? Contact me by DM and I will be happy to clear them up.

Let me join you and let’s learn together, not just a way of training, but a way of thinking and creating.

IndOriental® Method, let’s work it hard now.


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