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Indian Fusion Warm Up

Today I am going to deal with a topic I enjoy talking about, you see, the warm up is a key part of our dancing training. The body needs to be prepared specifically for the type of work we are going to do. So, if you love Indian Fusion Dance, I’m sure you will love the info I’m about to share. Without further ado: Indian Fusion Warm Up.

Since I started practicing my own Indian Fusion Dance format, called IndOriental® (in case you don’t know about it, you find some information here), I have been exploring ways of optimizing the warm up, in order to go further into each fundamental aspect we deal with in my classes. 

Little by little, a series of exercises focused on important parts of the body have been coming up every time I practice, rehearse or teach. I realized that I would do them after a general warm up. 

Indian fusion warm up

Keep in mind that the warm up involves technique, so as you practice, the little details and more elaborate movements together will influence your body and your movement. I encourage you to practice my Indian Fusion Dance Warm up every time you train! Try to make it part of your routine and you will feel the change gradually.  

Here we go:

Indian Fusion Dance Warm up includes five exercises:

  • The first exercise is focused on the external rotation, just like the “flex” feet. We need a wide feet mobility range in order to create dramatic lines with the metatarsus. We also need strong quadriceps to hold the “plié” position and the curve lines created from this position in the InOriental dance. Go for it!      
  • Bear in mind that in the next exercise you will work on the laterality of the torso and core strength. Focus on bending your knees deeply in order to create accent on the movement. 
  • The third exercise is somewhat tough: we are working on wrist movement (LISTEN UP!IT´S ABOUT WRISTS, NOT FINGERS) together with the neck. If it’s too much, choose one to start with, and repeat it by adding the other. 
  • This is getting tricky: “3 mudri” is an exercise which combines 3 mudras, meant to improve our coordination and the ability of our fingers, do not fret!!! And don’t forget to SMILE!
  • Lastly, to make sure we are releasing and defining, we are going to delve into the “opposing principle”: exhale every time you slide from side to side and try to emphasize the torso and neck movements. Hips may join later!

Are you ready? There you go!

Indian Fusion warm up


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