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Creativity and creation in dance

While I was teaching workshops in Medellín, Colombia, my students came up with a question which made me stop the class and take some time to shape the movement. “Teacher, how can we be more creative in our own style?” That question inspired the words you are about to read; creativity and creation in dance

At this IndOriental® dance workshop, the topic we were dealing with was “less is more”, since in dance, there is never “less”. It depends on how you sustain your proposal, whether you identify with it strongly or on how you present it. 

With “just” three mudras and another three basic ideas, we created a two hours fusion and infinite movement possibilities, which evidenced the path that is to be followed to create their own Indian fusion

I’m going to tell you the foolproof formula I suggested, a very personal one, to enhance the creativity and creation in dance

  • Choose two elements. It can be a mudra and a hip movement. Or a foot pattern and a joint. JUST TWO ELEMENTS.  
  • Play music and improvise. It is VERY IMPORTANT to focus on the two chosen elements. Of course you can enjoy the dance, however, focus on the idea you intend to develop. Repeat several times with the same or some different music. 
  • Make a recording and observe your work carefully. It is very important NOT TO BE JUDGEMENTAL with yourself. This is trial/error – trial/success, so just take a minute to see what happens. 
  • Take notes (this is a notebook moment, I’ve got like nine) of whatever you find interesting; combinations, different pace movements or the specific development of one of the elements…  
  • REPEAT your combination focusing on the parts you like. This is, work on those elements you took note of, repeat, shape it and clean it.
  • When you come back to the practice, try to have ordered this section, in order to add this combination to the two new elements you will work on today,
  • Keep adding the new material to the previous one. 

Creativity and creation in dance

We won’t always have the best result at the first attempt.

Perhaps some of the ideas may be dismissed.

You will definitely have fun. 

Some steps may be changed to include others.

It’s not a straightforward issue, so, believe me when I say, create your own ritual and make the most of it.


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