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Antique Silver Tribal “Kavach”


Majestic earrings with a kavach dangling from each piece. Very rare to find since both pieces are identical !!

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Antique Silver Tribal “Kavach”

“Kavach” is a sanscrit word for armour. Their shape is very characteristic (two pending pieces at the end of the earring) and recognizable at the first sight. Nomadic tribes of India, more specifically in Rajasthan, typically use these jewels. The “Kavach” can be used as earrings or pendants; they are very frequently found antique pieces. We really love them, and are lucky to own several different “Kavach” designs. 

The “Kavach” is a sort of magic box, an item that provides in favor of wishes or resolutions related to the inner world.

The “Kavach” can usually be opened on both sides, and it´s meant to store very special personal things, such as mantras, gemstones, or any other treasure you can imagine.

For us, in this case, it symbolizes a spiritual armour.

The size of this piece is 8,5cm x 3,5cm, and a thickness of 1cm.

This particular “Kavach” cannot be opened. Please keep in mind that this piece is an antique, it therefore had previous lives. Thank you for your interest in this special unique piece, printed with the mark of India in its core.   

The silver alloy ranges between 80% and 92%, since this is an antique jewel.


Care and cleaning Antique Silver Tribal “Kavach”:

Please keep in mind that the antique jewels have a very particular color (although they are made of silver) due to the passing of time and the sunlight.

In order to maintain them in good condition, we suggest keeping them in a dark and closed space, out of contact with dust and drastic light changes. You should also take into account that an antique piece should be taken care of in a special way.

Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 8,5 × 3,5 × 1 cm

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