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How to keep being constant in your dance despite lacking motivation

Do you want to know how to keep being constant in your dance despite lacking motivation?

I’m going to tell you some tips that help me stay constant in dance, even when I’m not motivated. 

Expression through movement is an art form which needs inspiration and connection. Pay attention: WE ARE NOT ALWAYS MOTIVATED and that does not make us bad dancers. So, first of all, relax, it happens to everyone! 

Being demanding with oneself is a good way to keep your practice going, however, sometimes it is exhausting and it can affect our motivation. 

My professions are dancing and teaching, and believe me when I say it, sometimes we feel frustrated with all the pressure we put on ourselves for not dancing every day or even if we don’t feel like dancing for a certain period of time. 

I’m going to list several tips to keep your persistence on high level, even though you don’t feel motivated!!!

Pay attention:

They are not ordered, nor you have to do them all, however I encourage you to choose some of them each day you feel like dancing.

My suggestion about being constant in your dance despite lacking motivation:

  • Start by enjoying some stretching exercises and turn them into dance: extend, contract and breathe, just go with the flow. It could end up being a new way of moving or even creating new movements. Extending and breathing can be a dance! 
  • Sit down and take a deep breath. Take several long and intense inhales and exhales. After a few minutes, let the vibration of your own Prana guide you and enjoy the movement created within.  
  • Play the hits! Don’t be judgmental if it’s not “your music style” or think you are “wasting your time”…research needs to be unblocked, and if you need to unblock energy to let your spirit flow…turn up the radio!!!  
  • Try dancing in a sitting position. We tend to do those things we are supposed to and not supposed to do. How about dancing in a lying position?? Feel your body filling space in a different way… levels can change as well as directions, and therefore, the movements!!! 
  • DON’T JUDGE YOURSELF. I know this is the hardest one…but you deserve joy. If you feel ok with some parts of your improvisation, repeat them. There will be time to apply technique to it and improve the movements.
  • Smile: please, add smiles to your dance practice!!! And by dance I mean, whatever kind of movement and music. JUST SMILE! I’m 100% sure you will feel the difference. If it doesn’t happen eventually, you will end up feeling a good vibe which can turn up into magic anytime.   


We go through different LIFE processes, and each one of them contributes in different ways. That’s why we have to be supportive in every single moment, every single day, with each version of ourselves. 

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P.S. I am sharing with you a video from a few years ago in which I let myself feel after a few breaths and stretches … it is not my best version (realistic, without judgment!!), but it is a version free of emotional movement.

Thank you for reading me. I hope you find useful my personal tips about how to keep being constant in your dance despite lacking motivation.


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